Kashmir Through My Eyes- The artist started travelling to the Valley in 2007. She has been building an archive, while simultaneously releasing work from Kashmir at exhibitions and through videos. Kashmir through my eyes is a blog through which general information about the Valley is shared.

Forum For Contemporary Indian Photography– A blog which was co-founded with Charan Singh- a London based photographer.

Charan Singh’s notes on the forum.

“Due to lack of dialogue around photography in general it became more of a commercial exercise than art. During my last trip to India in December 2012, I was brought into a conversation initiated by photographer Saadiya Kochar to set up an online forum for contemporary photography. After almost two years of maneuvering on various ideas and issues related to organising the forum in 2014 we are ready to start, at last. This forum will be a mixture of activities from a platform for change to critical art theories. A photography website used as a journalistic tool to record issues that are unresolved. Articles written on current practices of photography, reviewing exhibitions and studying the bodies of works by contemporary artists in India and the world. However, at this stage we are living spaces to develop the whole process organically through conversations and interventions.”- Charan Singh, London.

Charan eventually stopped being a part of the process while Saadiya continued to sporadically write about contemporary photography from the point of view of not an expert but an amateur who shared what she saw about the world that she had become a part of.

Saadiya Kochar Photography– A platform to display the artist’s commercial work on Facebook. It’s also a means by which she notifies people of all upcoming events, shows etc.