Group Shows

Group shows- April ’22- India Art Fair March’21- Faith at Wonderwall. Aug ’20- On Art Fair. Feb ’20- Ht Imagine Fest. Jan’ 20-India Art Fair. Feb’ 19- Ht Imagine Fest. Jan ’19- India Art Fair. March ’18- Ht Imagine Fest. Feb 18- India Art Fair. Feb ’17- India Art Fair. Jan ’16- India Art Fair. June ’15- Yoga Chakra at Lalit Kala Academy. March ’15-Forms Of Devotion at Lalit Kala Academy Jan ’15- India Art Fair Jan ’15-Faith at Wonderwall. Feb ’14- Tale Of Three Three Cities, Wonderwall. Jan ’14- India Art Fair. December ’13- ‘I’, at Stainless. August ’13-‘UUU’, Organised by Leap Foundation. March ’13- Focus Festival Mumbai, Jehangir art Gallery. Jan ’13- India Art Fair Sep ’12- The Blue Room at Stainless July ’12- Synthesis- Gallerie Nvya. Jan ’12- India Art Summit Sep ’11- Faith at Stainless. Jan ’11-India Art Summit. Aug ’10- Freedom-Gallerie Nvya Aug ’10- ‘A Tribute To The Lens’- M.F Hussain Gallery, Delhi Oct ’09-‘Wide Angle’-Alliance Francaise, Delhi August ’09-India Art Summit February ’08-‘Embody’ at Polka Art gallery, New Delhi May ’08-10th Anniversary Exhibition, Germany August ’08-India Art Summit. March ’08- ‘Click!’-Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi and Grosvenor Gallery, London. April ‘07- ‘A Vision Beyond’- Art Indus. April ’06- ‘Dialogo con la piel’;a show featuring the works of various female photographers in San Sebastian, Spain.